Parking Rules & Paid Parking



All parking zones within Belmar with the exception of Zone 6 will be shut down as of October 1, 2021.  Zone 6 (58106) is a year round parking area so that will resume.

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Paid parking ends on Ocean Avenue October 1st.

Paid parking in the marina will continue year round. 


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Parking is generally free throughout Belmar. Fees are required for parking on the east side of Ocean Avenue, Silver Lake, North Blvd. and in the parking lot at the Marina, closest to Marina Grille.

Handicapped accessible parking spaces are located along the boardwalk, closest to each beach entrance. The designated handicap spots are free for the handicapped. Placards need to be visible.

 Per New Jersey State law, when parking in a metered space, a driver with a disability placard/ license plate must pay the appropriate amount of money via ParkMobile. 

CLICK HERE to view the NJ Guide to Accessible Parking for additional information.

Belmar is a bike friendly town, so bring your bikes on a car rack to park and pedal down to the beach. For a Google map of Belmar please click here