Belmar Police Department History

In August 1896 Officers and Directors of the Ocean Beach Association appointed most of their own members  and a few friends, eighteen in all, as Special Beach Officers. In June 1883 a regular-irregular policeman or as Borough law called him, Marshal Win. H. Cooper, was appointed. It was Win. H. Cooper, who fired himself in 1887.

The current form of Police Department was established by the Commissioners in 1934. In 1978 there was Twenty-three Regular Policemen and approximately 20 Summer Specials in the town of Belmar. There was a Chief, three Captains, three Sergeants, two Detectives and twelve Patrolmen. The department had two marked cars and two unmarked cars. It also had one motorcycle and two scooters.

In 2012 there were nineteen Regular Policemen and approximately 60 Class I and Class II Part-Time Police Officers in the town of Belmar. There is a Chief, two Captains, four Sergeants, two Detectives and ten Patrolmen. The department has five marked cars and four unmarked cars. It also has water rescue response vehicle three scooters which are used along the beach and marina.

The Belmar Police Department has established its own 9-1-1 emergency call system and all calls are dispatched through the Belmar Police Department Dispatch Center. Currently through a combined services agreement, Belmar handles dispatch services to Lake Como and Spring Lake Heights Police,  EMS and Fire departments.


You can contact the Belmar Police Department by calling (732) 681-1700 or via FAX number (732) 681-7470.