Handicapped Placard

Handicapped Placard:  The Belmar Police Traffic Safety Bureau also processes SP-68, Application for Temporary Handicapped Placard. This application can be picked up at the Records Department. Applications must be signed by a medical doctor, podiatrist, or chiropractor and returned to the police department with a check in the amount of $4.00 made payable to: "NJMVC". This  temporary permit will be issued only when necessary and when the applicant’s physical condition is not considered permanent. This permit will expire 6 months from the date issued and may only be extended one (1) time for an additional 6 months. You must fill out a new application with signed certification and submit a check for $4.00 made payable to "NJMVC".  Permanent Placards must be obtained through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Handicapped accessible parking spaces are located along the boardwalk, closest to each beach entrance.

The designated handicap spots are free for the handicapped. Placards need to be visible.  

To download the temporary placard application, please click on the link below.