11 Sep 2023

Help Wanted - Fire Administrator


7:00 PM


The Borough of Belmar, Monmouth County is looking for part-time Fire Department Administrator in the Office of Fire Prevention.


Applicants should have experience coordinating with the Public Safety Director and the Fire Chief, general administrative and operational authority over a volunteer fire department, at least 1 year experience with a municipality enforcing state and local fire codes.


Qualifications: Minimum of five years’ experience as a volunteer or career firefighter with supervisor experience of the fire service and emergency services. A degree or certificate in Fire Science, or Public Administration is recommended, but not required.  A degree or certificate in Fire Science, or Public Administration is recommended, but not required.   NJ Firefighter 1, NJ Division of Fire Safety IMS Level III, HazMat on Scene Incident Commander certificates are required. NJ Firefighter 2 is recommended but not required.


A valid driver’s license and proficient computer skills is required. This position requires flexible hours (nights and weekends may be included). Experience with Mobile Eyes, Edmunds and GovPilot preferred but not required.


Duties will include, but not limited to, the preparation of operations budgets, capital improvement planning, overseeing regulatory compliance, and overseeing all operational aspects of the fire department. This will also include recommendations to the Borough Administrator and Council. Additionally, the Administrator shall oversee and institute municipal policies, procedures and guidelines as needed for the safe and effective operation of the volunteer department for the residents. The administrator will be expected to communicate and work well with other department heads and work closely with the Borough Administrator and Council. The ability to communicate effectively and maintain positive working relationships within the organization, as well as with other local, county and state officials is a must.


Send resume or completed application found at www.belmar.com, under Forms & Applications, to Samantha Waters, Human Resources, swaters@belmar.com or 601 Main Street, Belmar, NJ 07719 with the subject line “Fire Administrator” by no later than September 22, 2023. The Borough reserves the right to hire a candidate before the deadline set forth.