13 Jan 2022

Zoning Board of Adjustment Revised 2022 Meeting Dates


7:00 PM




            PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Belmar Zoning Board of Adjustment will convene regular meetings and / or special meetings at the dates / times which follow:

January 27, 2022                                

January 31, 2022                                

February 24, 2022                              

March 24, 2022                                  

April 28, 2022                                    

May 26, 2022                                     

June 23, 2022                                     

July 28, 2022                                     

August 25, 2022                     

September 22, 2022                           

October 27, 2022                              

November 10, 2022                           

December 15, 2022                            

All Meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m.

            As indicated, the January 27, 2022 meeting will be a remote meeting.  The Agenda for the January 27, 2022 meeting, to the extent known, includes the following:

  1. Board Reorganization and Adoption of Reorganization Resolutions and Professional Service Appointments
  2. Adoption of Minutes / Resolutions
  3. Review, discussion, and potential action on the following Applications:

Ocean Harbor Apartments, LLC

805 Ocean Avenue

Belmar, NJ

Request to effectuate several improvements to an existing apartment building.


Frank & Karen Raia

(continued Public Hearing)

421 12th Avenue

Belmar, NJ

Request for the installation of a generator at the site.


William Stapleton

(continued Public Hearing)

313 Third Avenue

Belmar, NJ

Request to demolish a rear structure and to construct a new home on the lot while maintaining an existing rear dwelling.

4. Discussion and action on other items which may be presented to the Board.


Additionally, the Board will convene a special remote meeting on January 31, 2022.  The Agenda for the said meeting, to the extent known, includes the following:

  1. Adoption of Resolutions / Minutes
  2. Adjudication of the following Applications:

Joseph & Nancy Shaiman

300 11th Avenue

Belmar, NJ

Request to construct a 2-story addition and a 3 bay garage.


Kenneth Walters

303 Ocean Avenue

Belmar, NJ

Request to construct 2 additions and a second floor outdoor patio.


Sam & Amy Sloane

204 5th Avenue

Belmar, NJ

Request to convert a Bed & Breakfast into a residential home.  (The Applicants are seeking approval for the construction of several additions as well.) 

3. Discussion and / or potential action on such other matters as may be presented to the Board.


  Due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, and Federal / State / Local Restrictions associated therewith, and depending upon the preferences of Local Borough / Board Officials, the meetings (commencing with the February 24, 2022 meeting) will take place in a live setting or a remote setting, through a web meeting conference communication system.  (Note: The January 27, 2022 and January 31, 2022 meetings are definitely remote meetings).

Interested persons are encouraged to monitor the Municipal Website (www.belmar.com), call the Board Secretary (732-681-3700, Ext. 225), or E-mail the Board Secretary (aclaudio@belmar.com) for any additional information as to whether any particular meeting will be a live meeting or a remote meeting.  Clearly, the nature / extent of the pandemic, the nature / extent of the Prevailing Emergency Restrictions, the nature / extent of Local Regulations, and Health and Safety Protocol will dictate if a particular meeting will be a live meeting or a remote / virtual meeting. 


            If the Land Use Board Meeting is a live meeting, the live meetings will take place in the Borough Council Chambers, located at 601 Main Street, Belmar, NJ.


            If the meeting will take place remotely, members of the public are welcome to, and encouraged to, observe / participate in the remote meetings. 

The instructions to access the remote meeting are as follows:

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 3067596

Or One tap mobile :
    US: +13126266799, 87229950461#,*3067596#  or +16465588656, 87229950461#, *3067596#

Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 3126266799  or +1 6465588656  or +1 3017158592  or +1 3462487799  or +1 6699009128  or +1 2532158782

Webinar ID: 872 2995 0461
Passcode: 3067596

International numbers available: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kUkVVgI4

            Members of the Public who have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the web-meeting process, or the remote meeting format, should contact the Board Secretary at 732-681-3700, Ext. 225 or at aclaudio@belmar.com (during regular Borough hours). 

            Likewise, Members of the Public should also feel free to contact the Board Secretary, at the above-referenced number, if they have any other questions, issues, concerns, or barriers to participation / observation. 

            For the remote meetings, members of the Public can access certain non-privileged and otherwise available information, by visiting the Borough Website at www.belmar.com. (The application information/plans are or will be available for public inspection, on the Borough Web-site, at least 10 days in advance of the remote Hearing.)

            For live meetings, provided Borough Hall is open to the Public, Application materials can be reviewed in the Office of the Board Secretary, the Belmar Municipal Building, 601 Main Street, Belmar, NJ.

            Formal action will be taken at the meetings, and, as indicated, the Public is encouraged to listen, observe, and participate.