17 Mar 2021

The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town!


9:00 AM


On behalf of Belmar Mayor Walsifer, Lake Como Mayor Higgins and the Belmar and Lake Como council, the members of the Belmar Police Department, Department of Public Works and Recreation are organizing  a police escort for the Easter Bunny to visit families and deliver a special treat.

On Saturday March 27th at 11am members of the police department, public works and recreation will be traveling south from 1st Avenue to all the households with children who register for this special visit.

To be eligible for this visit, all you need to do is email police@belmar.com with your Belmar/Lake Como address and the number of children who reside.

To keep everyone safe and comply with the orders set by our governor, the Easter Bunny and his special helpers will be dropping off the treat to the front porch of these homes.

Please register by email no later than 3:00pm Thursday March 25, 2021.