03 Mar 2021

Bid Notice- Parasail Concession


7:00 PM


The Borough of Belmar has determined that the north end of the Belmar marina hereafter referred to as “the property”,  is not needed for public use and is not otherwise dedicated or restricted pursuant to law.

The Borough Clerk is hereby authorized and directed by the Mayor and Council to advertise for bids to lease said Property upon the following terms and conditions:

Portions of the north end of the Belmar marina located on or near L Dock.    Bidders shall make their highest and best offer by way of sealed bid, the minimum bid for this lease is $3,000.00 per year.  A bid deposit of $500 is required to be submitted with the sealed bid in the form of certified check or money order payable to the Borough of Belmar. The Lease will be awarded to the highest bidder.


The lease is for a three year term.

The property is leased in as is condition.

The Mayor and Borough Council reserve the right to reject all bids.

 The successful bidder shall be required to execute the form of lease available from the Borough Clerk during Borough business hours, the terms and conditions of said lease being incorporated in this Resolution and Notice to Bidders as if set forth fully herein.

 Sealed bids shall be submitted to the Municipal Clerk by March 25, 2021 601 Main Street, Belmar, New Jersey, at 11:00 a.m.