30 Jun 2020

July 20th Planning Board meeting to be held via Zoom


No Time Set


Please take notice that the Planning Board  (“Board”) of the Borough Belmar (“Borough”), Monmouth County, New Jersey, previously issued Notice of its list of regular meetings for the calendar year 2020 . The regular meeting scheduled for July 20, 2020 has been revised as follows:

Place:     Virtual Meeting Via Zoom
Time:      6:00 p.m.
Dates:     Monday, July 20, 2020

Please take further notice that due to the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 State Directives, until and unless further advised, the above meeting will be conducted virtually/remotely via web meeting, and telephone conference communications. The remote meeting is open to the public, and interested parties are permitted to participate in the same. The meeting will be conducted using the Zoom operating system, but interested parties do not need a computer to participate; they may also participate by calling in from a landline or cell phone.

Instructions for accessing/participating in this meeting will be posted here on the day of the meeting or can be obtained by contacting the Board Secretary.

Application materials for each application will be on file and available for viewing no less than 10 days in advance of the meeting for which a particular application is scheduled. Instructions for viewing or obtaining copies of application materials electronically or by way of a hard copy will be set forth on the Borough website, www.belmar.com under Meetings Agendas, or by contacting the Board Secretary. Any interested person that has questions or requires assistance regarding accessing/participating in a meeting, or viewing or obtaining copies of application materials and exhibits, or presenting exhibits for consideration by the Board regarding a particular application, should contact Board Secretary April Claudio via email at clerk@belmar.com or via telephone at 732-681-3700 ext. 225.