23 Nov 2020

No dogs are permitted on the boardwalk, Per Ordinance 18-2.7l,


7:00 PM


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Per Ordinance 18-2.7l, No dogs are permitted on the boardwalk except for when crossing the boardwalk to enter or exit the beach from October 1st to April 30th. Due to issues with dogs defecating and urinating on the boardwalk and their owners not cleaning up after them, the Belmar Police Department will be strictly enforcing this ordinance as well as Ordinance 22-8.5 "Soiling and Defecating by Dogs" effective immediately. Summonses will be issued to those that commit a violation. In an effort to keep our beaches safe and clean we would appreciate everyone complying with these ordinances. Thank you. #BelmarNJ #BeachTown