05 Oct 2020

DPW flushing of the water system next week starting Monday, 10/5/20.


10:00 AM


As in every Fall, the Borough will transfer from its own wells back to water from American Water. 

As part of this transfer, the Department of Public Works will be conducting a comprehensive flushing

of the water system next week starting Monday, 10/5/20.  Flushing will occur between the hours of 8pm and 4am

so as to minimize impact to your home and will continue for several nights.  



Residents may expect to see a temporary discoloration of the water and/or a decrease of pressure when the flushing is occurring. 

We recommend that you avoid running your tap water, using the washing machine or dishwasher during the hours of 8pm to 4am. 

If you do experience any discoloration please run cold water through your taps until it runs clear.