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Press Room » Mayor Doherty Proud of Belmar’s Storm Response – Posts All information on Borough Website

02/05/2013 at 10:00 AM

Today Belmar Mayor Matthew J. Doherty instructed for all Hurricane Sandy debris related documents to be posted on the Borough's website at www.belmar.com under Hurricane Sandy Updates.  

 "The destruction leveled upon our town by Hurricane Sandy was immense and devastating, we could not allow politics to stand in the way of our clean up efforts.  In the days and weeks after the surge, Belmar engaged the www.copykat.net necessary debris contractors to both clear our streets of debris and pump them clear of water and the did an outstanding job.  Without the swift decisions made by Borough employees to engage these contractors, our town would have suffered even longer power outages and more extensive damage to homes, streets and public infrastructure.  I am proud of Belmar's response to the unprecedented catastrophe that brought the Atlantic Ocean into our town that Monday night." said Mayor Doherty.


 Belmar engaged multiple contractors in the wake of the storm to haul debris, remove dangerous trees, pump flooded streets and clean sand to return it to the beach.  In all, over 20,000 tons of storm debris has been hauled out and over 111,000 cubic yards of sand have been cleaned and returned to the beach (111,000 cubic yards is roughly equivalent to 4,700 truck-loads of sand).


“We were at war and got the army we needed to pull Belmar out of the water, to suggest that there was anything inappropriate in the utilization of an approved state contract is frankly ridiculous.” Said Bill Young former Belmar Business Administrator.


All documents pertaining to these critical functions are available on the Belmar website at http://www.belmar.com/content.php?npid=253&pid=253&menu_id=249 and include emergency purchase resolutions, contracts, invoices and purchase orders.  The sheer magnitude of the disaster required several contractors from different specialties to be engaged quickly.  The rapid response led to both the ability to restore power to flooded areas but to make way for residents to rehabilitate their homes and for the reconstruction of Belmar's boardwalk to commence.


Initial FEMA estimates of the debris clearing operation in Belmar topped $5 million dollars with final costs expected to exceed $6 million.  FEMA announced last week that Belmar was one of two shore towns to receive the first funding tranches from the recently approved Sandy Disaster Funding.


Please visit www.belmar.com for more information.

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