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07/08/2014 at 09:48 AM

Belmar has received two substantial payments from FEMA in the past three weeks to total $10.3 Million in federal reimbursements for response and rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy.  To date, Belmar has received $13.6 Million in reimbursements from FEMA for storm related expenses.


In response,Omega Replica Watches Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty released the following statement:


“These payments are the fruition of months of working closely with FEMA, Governor Christie’s Office and the New Jersey State Police.  These payments allow us to pay down the bonding we needed to do to recover and rebuild from Hurricane Sandy, minimizing the financial impact to our residents.


This funding makes a world of difference to Belmar, we have made significant progress since Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Hurricane Sandy, rebuilding our boardwalk, reopening our marina and returning all public parks to our residents.  We completed that recovery work in faith that the reimbursements from FEMA would follow; today I am pleased to say that the funds are finally rolling in.”


The two payments received by Belmar include $8.6 Million towards the rebuilding of the boardwalk and $1.7 Million received for debris removal.  In addition to the $13.6 Million received, Belmar officials continue to pursue reimbursement of another $9 Million for the remaining storm related expenses to date.


“The residents of Belmar are strong, they have shouldered through this disaster and the many challenges we have faced since the storm. I am thankful for the unwavering support of our elected officials and partners at FEMA for ensuring that Belmar sees reimbursement of all storm related expenses.”  Said Mayor Doherty.


From the initial days after the storm Representatives Frank Pallone and Chris Smith, Senators Bob Menendez and the late Frank Lautenberg, and Governor Chris Christie have advocated for Belmar.

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