23 Sep 2021



06:00 PM - 08:00 PM






All Meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m.

The Belmar Zoning Board of Adjustment June 24, 2021 meeting will be held via zoom at 6 pm. 

The remainder of the 2021 meeting dates (see below), will be live, in the courtroom at 601 Main Street:

June 29, 2021

July 22, 2021

July 27, 2021

August 26, 2021                                 

September 23, 2021                           

October 28, 2021                              

November 18, 2021                           

December 16, 2021    

Meeting agendas are posted at www.belmar.com under Meetings Agendas & Minutes.  



If the meeting will take place remotely, members of the public are welcome to, and encouraged to, observe / participate in the remote meeting.



Instructions on how to join the Zoom Meeting:


Click Link Below To Join Meeting



Passcode: 7269808


Or Telephone: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

US: +1 312 626 6799

or +1 646 558 8656

or +1 301 715 8592

or +1 346 248 7799

or +1 669 900 9128

or +1 253 215 8782


Webinar ID: 820 0319 1719

Passcode: 7269808





Instructions will also be posted at www.belmar.com and on the Borough’s Facebook page. Any remote public meeting where sworn testimony is to be taken shall be effectuated by both audio and video.

All individuals giving sworn testimony in a remote public meeting shall (if required by law) also appear by video in addition to audio.  Members of the Public who wish to participate in public comment sessions of a Zoom Meeting should click the “raise hand” button, or dial *9 on phones to indicate an intention to speak.

Interested members of the public will be permitted to speak one at a time. Members of the Public who have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the web-meeting process, or the remote meeting format, should contact the Board Secretary at 732-681-3700, Ext. 225 (during regular Borough hours) or can send an email to clerk@belmar.com.  

Members of the Public can access certain non-privileged and otherwise available information, by visiting the Borough Website at www.belmar.com, Meeting Agendas/Minutes. (The application information/plans are or will be available for public inspection, on the Borough Web-site, at least 10 days in advance of the remote Hearing.) (In special circumstances, Members of the public are also

free to contact the Board Secretary to discuss if any other special / reasonable accommodations can be effectuated to facilitate public review of pertinent documents.)

Formal action will be taken at the meetings, and as indicated, the Public is encouraged to listen, observe, and participate. Minutes of the meeting will be kept and ultimately made available to the public. If the technology so allows, recordings or reproductions of the meeting can likely be viewed at future dates as well.