Attending Court Instructions

Basic instructions if you are attending court:

If you wish to contest a summons, please call the court at 848-220-9620.  You will then be mailed a date on which to appear in court.

When you arrive at the courthouse on your scheduled date, you will see a list for everyone scheduled for that day.  As long as your name appears on the list, you may proceed directly into the courtroom.

Roll call begins at the time appointed on your legal notice.  Anyone wishing to speak with the Prosecutor will be instructed by the Judge.

After you finalize in front of the Judge, proceed to the payment window to take care of any fines imposed and any paperwork required.

Acceptable methods of payment are cash, check or money order. Belmar Payment, Lake Como Payment, Spring Lake Payment

Please be sure that all cell phones are turned off before entering the courtroom.  There is no eating, drinking or talking allowed while in the courtroom.