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06/26/2013 at 01:00 PM

Late Tuesday, Belmar received news that FEMA federal funding for response and rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy has moved to a 90% reimbursement.  In response, Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty released the following statement:


“This news comes at a time when it couldn't be more needed. Now eight months www.copykat.net replica watches for sale after the storm surge that placed thousands of Belmar residents in peril and wrought destruction across the Borough, we continue our daily fight to rebuild.


This funding change is the direct result of bipartisan efforts of our elected officials.  From the initial days after the storm Representatives Frank Pallone and Chris Smith, Senators Bob Menendez and the late Frank Lautenberg, and Governor Chris Christie have advocated for this increase.  This funding is critical.


This decision makes a world of difference to towns like Belmar, we have made significant progress since Hurricane Sandy, rebuilding our boardwalk, reopening our marina and returning all public parks to our residents.  However a great deal of work still faces us, the latent effects of Hurricane Sandy are still unfolding in the damage done to our underground infrastructure; sink holes, pipe breaks and road compromising occur daily around the borough. 


In December, I traveled to Pass Christian, Mississippi; Belmar’s sister city who experienced extreme devastation from Hurricane Katrina. When I was there I was told of what to expect in the months and years away from the storm - stress and damage to our infrastructure.  I had hoped they were wrong, unfortunately they were not. The Mayor and leaders of Pass Christian also encouraged me to advocate for 90% FEMA funding and to obtain a Community Disaster Loan which the Borough has now secured in the amount of $4.4 million.


FEMA's decision to reimburse at 90% will assist us in ensuring that all the devastating effects of hurricane sandy will be addressed quickly, efficiently and with the utmost of care.


The residents of Belmar are strong, they have shouldered through this disaster and the many challenges we have faced since the storm. This decision is for them, to ensure that the town that they love will be restored with the greatest amount of support from their federal government.


I am thankful for the unwavering support of our elected officials, when good people put politics aside to make responsible decisions for their residents, meaningful change like this can happen.”

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