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Press Room » Regarding Attempts to Impede Belmar’s Recovery from Hurricane Sandy

09/24/2013 at 05:00 PM

The Borough of Belmar learned today through various media outlets that certain individuals best replica watches may have filed suit in an attempt to block the reconstruction of the Oceanfront Pavilions that were decimated by Hurricane Sandy.

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While the alleged suits still have not yet been served on the Borough, Mayor Matthew J. Doherty released the following statement:


“Just 10 months ago, Hurricane Sandy took from Belmar our Oceanfront Pavilions that were beloved by residents and visitors alike.  Our Pavilions were a strong characteristic of our town as a beach community and vital to our beach front operations.  Their disappearance from the beachfront has been a loss to our character and a continuing reminder of what Sandy took from us.


Belmar is recovering from the storm in a steadfast, resolute and honorable manner.  Our boardwalk was the first to be completed in time for Memorial Day 2013 and the result is beautiful.  If people like our new boardwalk they will love the new pavilions.


These alleged lawsuits are blatant attempts to deter the borough from its recovery from the devastation leveled upon us by Hurricane Sandy.  It is important to me that people understand that these frivolous lawsuits serve only as a distraction and will result in additional expenses incurred by the borough and taxpayers.  I am committed to continuing to act in the best interests of all Belmar residents.  Anyone who attempts to impede our progress should be ashamed of themselves.


There are those who want to scare residents and distort the facts.  The facts are these:

  • No property tax dollars from Belmar residents will be used to finance the pavilions.  Rather, the financing will be a combination of insurance, federal funding and beach badge revenue. 
  • The new buildings are tastefully designed, worthy of the Belmar beachfront and designed to support beachfront operations, Life Guards, First Aid and Police operations. 
  • We will be aggressive about getting federal funding for the pavilions.
  • Increasing daily badges $1 and season badges $10 will cover the cost of financing the pavilions.
  • There will be no increase to Senior badges.
  • We have held more public meetings about the pavilions than any other subject since 2007.
  • The Taylor Pavilion has historically been a two story building.
  • There will not be a restaurant on the second floor of the new Taylor Pavilion.
  • There will be no liquor license at the new Taylor Pavilion.


The designs for the new pavilions can be viewed at www.belmar.com and I encourage feedback on the designs at feedback@belmar.com.”

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